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David Stephen Watts

Louise Charlene (Armstrong) Watts

David and Louise Watts Wedding Party David and Louise Watts Wedding
-from left to right-
Reverend Ralph Smith - officiate, Joseph Thomas - gave bride away, Corliss Wright - bride's maid,
Louise Armstrong - bride, David Watts - groom,
Frank Grisez - best man, Hephzibah Watts - groom's mother, Eric Sonntag - usher

Married at 2:00 PM on June 19, 1966 in the First Methodist Church, Duncanville, Dallas, Texas
by Associate Minister Ralph L. Smith
and witnessed by Francis P. Grisez and Corliss Wright.

Louise Armstrong - My Love Always David and Louise Watts' Wedding Reception by Betty and Steve Watts


Katherine, Louise, and David Watts family picture

Katherine Marie Watts

Katherine Marie Watts, February, 1972 Katherine Watts Valentine Katherine Watts Valentine signature Katherine Watts with Fonz Tee Shirt, April, 1976
Katherine Marie Watts, age 14 Katherine Marie Watts, 1980 Katherine Marie, teen Katherine Marie Watts
Katherine Watts' High School Graduation at the Stranahan Theater, Toledo, Ohio Katherine Marie Watts, 1994 Katherine Marie Watts, 1995
Katherine Marie Watts, mother Katherine McDonnell, 2018
Musician, Educator, Information Technology Developer, Project Manager
Born on June 19, 1968 at Wood County Hospital in Bowling Green, Ohio.
Baptized on August 16, 1969 at St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Bowling Green, Ohio.
Adult Baptism on October 5, 1986 by Bowling Green Convenant Church, Bowling Green, Ohio.
Married George Sawyer, III.
Married Sachin Puri.
Married Danny McDonnell.