A Lector's Guide
To The Episcopal
Eucharistic Lectionary

by Frank J. Mulligan
Cathedral Church of St. Paul
Detroit, Michigan
Copyright 1986

This guide contains an outline of the general sense of each of the Episcopal Sunday readings along with suggestions about the reading's vocal presentation.

The Holy Bible's "printed word travels in dry ink across a cold and lifeless page. The Holy Bible at our lectern needs the human voice to transmit the word, to infuse it with life, to bring home to those who hear it the immediacy that its messages had when the authors took pen in hand.

When we take our place at the lectern and open the bible to read, then, we are no less than actors and actresses, storytellers, like the people of old. We strive to re-create, through their lines writ so long ago, the atmosphere of the day they were first set down."

Primary Rules of Oral Punctuation

Fundemental Principles of the Art of Reading the Word of the Lord

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Taken from the book's introduction.
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