An Anglican Vision
Jerusalem Cross - Christianity spreads to the four corners of the earth (ClickArt)

We are in a Sacred Love Affair for God is Love. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ loves us and we love Him. We are His church. We are to extend this shared love to the whole cosmos.

We value and respect the dignity of the whole cosmos. We cherish our ancestors and seek Christ and the Truth in ancient Holy Scripture where we hear God and in the long standing church Traditions in which we feel God. Yet we ever challenge our Understanding if it is not in concert with verified Scientific Principles and the Love and Compassion that we feel emanating from Jesus Christ.

We are dependent on one another in finding the Truth. No one individual possesses a full understanding of the truth. We seek to Empower, allowing individuals to find the truth for themselves, rather than enslave minds and hearts with any imposed fixed doctrine.

We Encourage rather than demand, for love can only be freely given. We submit ourselves to one another for such surrender leads to Peace.

And the greatness of His Church is to be found not only in its clergy and leaders, but in the Least of its members and even visiting Strangers.

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