An Anglican Rosary

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The image is of a beautiful set of prayer beads made by an Anglican Solitary or hermit. Their construction included the solitary's prayers for the future users of the prayer beads.

Read on and easily learn how to pray on this rosary image by touching it with the cursor.

The Structure of the Rosary

The Path of the Prayers

  1. The sequenced prayers for the beads appear when the edge of the beads are touched by the cursor.
  2. Begin by touching the very base of the Cross.
  3. Next touch the bottom edge of the Invitatory Bead.
  4. To see the prayers of the beads around the loop, touch the beads on the outside edge, opposing the center of the bead loop.
  5. Proceed clockwise around the bead loop; start by touching the Cruciform Bead immediately above the Invitatory Bead.
  6. After touching the seventh and last Day Bead of the fourth and last Week of Day Beads, leave the bead loop, and touch the top of the Closing Bead which was formerly the Invitatory Bead when you began.
  7. Finish by touching the top of the Cross.

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The rosary shown was touched and given by St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Maumee, Ohio, on September 17, 2002, to its dear parishioner, Raymond Gallo, Jr., to comfort him as he completed his trip to heaven. On October 7, 2002, it remained with his loving wife Phyllis and family.
I give thanks to my dear wife, Louise, for her gift of my Anglican Rosary.
I give thanks to a Solitary of DeKoven for permission to use their materials, and for her compliment and prayers.
I give thanks to Erik Bosrup for allowing me to utilize his overLIB Java Script programs to create the rosary image's mouse-over prayer pop-ups. I encourage you to visit his overLIB web site to learn how you might use it as well.
I am sorry if the mouse-over prayer pop-ups do not work for you. You may have an older Internet Browser that does not handle this Java Script programming. But you may see the sequenced rosary prayers at An Anglican Rosary Prayers
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