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The Good News that we are to constantly announce by our lives, is that God is Love. This is ultimately reflected by our interpretation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In this Light, following our Lord's Great Commandments of Loving God and Loving all which Neighbors, is less a simple obedience to law but more a beautiful union with this most pure Love that is our very Source and Ultimate Fulfillment.

But our suffering world may reject this news. If God is Love, why are the seemingly senseless tragedies seen around us everyday allowed? In a world shrunk by modern communications, the global view of this agony becomes staggering. And as we look back in history we may become horrified at the agony that has continually transpired.

We see people wastefully stripped of health and even made mindless - Loosing their very essence. We may measure global hunger by the number of children dying every hour. Searching the not too distant past, we gasp in almost disbelief at the Holocaust happening in the beautiful countryside of shrines and great spires - Our earthly symbols of the God of Love.

How do we explain all the agony to our suffering world within the jurisdiction of the God of Love? This named Almighty One who we portray as all powerful but just, in control but not domineering, all knowing and everywhere. Do we misrepresent by saying the agony is testing, tempering, or even punishing by a Heavenly Father? Are we wrong in saying the agony is the reaction of God to our rebellion? Should we just evade by saying that some things are just always beyond our human understanding?

But surely the ultimate Love of God permeates the cosmos and feels every pain of our suffering world as God's own. How could such Love ever wish or issue agony as a means for any end? The greatest Love would apply the least control and offer the greatest freedom. Has the cosmos received the greatest but most terrifying freedom of all - The determination of its own fate? Has the God of Love relinquished knowledge of the future, for the cosmos to determine?

Then the explanation of the agony may very well be the determination of why a capable cosmos is not more in union with the most pure Love that is its very Source. Some pain may ever be the consequence of our competing freedoms - the cosmos' collective and sometimes conflicting self determinations. But much agony simply reflects a lack in the returned Love to God and Neighbor. So let us ever strive to better reflect the God of Love - The Light that we see in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let us be such a reflection as to become the Good News that can not be denied.

Ring the Good News Bells

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