In Memory Of Annie Patch

Our Annie Patch

Saturday, July 31, 2004

We sent our dear friend, Annie Patch, to heaven today. We hated to have the doctor put her to sleep and gently stop her heart. But she was filling with cancer, getting weaker, eating and drinking little, and loosing her interest in life. We did not want her to suffer any further or greater agony. We gently petted and talked to Ann trying to fill her with all our love as we sent her on her journey.

Annie Patch was a grand old cat, truly part of our family, and we will miss her. She went to heaven for her spirit may have appeared small but was large with love.

Annie Patch came loudly to our back porch in the Spring of 1990, after being dropped over the fence into our back yard. She was about six months old and at first we tried to resist her, but young Annie was most persistent in capturing our hearts, and entering our home.

Annie Patch became our dear companion. She did not like being held but would sometimes allow it. She still wanted to be around us, even asking to be petted and brushed, or for some special food. She was a fussy eater, not wanting snacks, but loving her tuna, and often wanting to try the people food we were eating.

Annie Patch remained playful, chasing thrown crumpled paper. She enjoyed fresh catnip brought in from the back yard. She rubbed and laid on her mat filled with a little catnip. She enjoyed sunning her self and looking and smelling out the open window in our bedroom, the enclosed porch, or living room.

Annie Patch would talk to us. She would reach out her paw to touch us when asking to be petted, brushed, or fed. Sometimes this was emphasized in singular meows. Many times I would be rushing out the front door to work and Annie would have climbed on the back of the chair by the door to reach out toward me with her paw as I tried to depart. I am so glad that she slowed me down to pet her and say good bye.

Annie Patch was a friend to our daughter, Katherine, and so patient with our grand children; George, Sarah, and David. She never threatened them even though the children sometimes became overwhelming. They kept following her and Annie would let them pet and brush her.

Our daughter and grandchildren visited a few weeks before Annie went to heaven. We did not even know Annie was sick. Our most gentle granddaughter, Sarah, insisted on brushing her everyday. Little did we know of the significance of Sarah’s sweet devotion; such a lovely good bye.

Our home seems so empty and too quiet now. Although Annie was mostly quiet and slept a lot, her humble presence filled our home with a warm and active peace. We feel the emptiness for Annie remains in our hearts even though she is no longer with us physically.

Annie Patch, we love you.

David and Louise Watts

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